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World Breakthrough On Salt-Tolerant Wheat

A team of Australian scientists involving the University of Adelaide has bred salt tolerance into a variety of durum wheat that shows improved grain yield by 25% on salty soils using non-GM techniques.

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Regulators pull back from usage-based billing after half-a-million Canadians speak out

Open Media, Wed November 16, 2011, [PRESS RELEASE]
he CRTC has released its decision on Internet metering (usage-based billing), and pro-Internet organization is celebrating it as a step forward for the open and affordable Internet. The decision comes as the result of public pressure, channeled primarily through the group’s Stop The Meter campaign, which included a petition that attracted over half-a-million Canadians.

EPRI-NRDC Report Finds Environmental Benefits of Deploying PHEVs

NRDC, Fri July 20, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Palo Alto, California, USA - The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) today released a comprehensive assessment that found that widespread use of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) in the United States could reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and potentially improve ambient air quality.

Statement on the Senate Vote to Raise Fuel Economy Standards for the First Time in Decades

National Resource Defense Council, Fri July 13, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Washington, D.C, USA - Statement by Ann Bordetsky, NRDC Energy Policy Analyst, on the Senate vote to raise fuel economy standards for the first time in decades: "This is a vote for the auto industry's future, not its past. Automakers have the technology to improve fuel economy. This vote will help push more efficient cars into the marketplace."

‘WorkCabin’ is the latest tool for Canadians seeking employment in the growing green economy

ECO, Tue July 03, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Simcoe, Ontario, Canada - Recently, public interest in climate change has dictated that businesses and organizations change the way they operate, requiring many to adopt better practices and cleaner technology to attract and retain clientele.

Airtricity Finalizes Largest Wind Project to Date

Business Wire, Thu May 17, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Sweetwater, Texas, USA - Airtricity, Inc., a leading renewable energy company, announced the construction of its largest wind farm to date. The 209 megawatt Roscoe Wind Farm will provide power to TXU Wholesale, a subsidiary of TXU Corp., under a five-year sales contract. The project area stretches into three counties and will cover nearly 30,000 acres when it is completed.

$100K Available Through New Renewable Energy Prize

PNN Online, Sat May 05, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Washington, D.C., USA - The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, one of the nation's leading conservation organizations, and Budweiser, one of the country's leading supporters of outdoor sports and wildlife habitat conservation, have partnered to offer a new $100,000 Renewable Energy and Wildlife Conservation Research Prize.

Plastic solar cell efficiency breaks record at Wake Forest Nanotechnology Center

Wake Forest University, Thu April 19, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Winston-Salem, NC - Researchers at Wake Forest University's Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials have doubled the efficiency of organic or flexible, plastic solar cells in just two years. The new record set at Wake Forest is more than 6 percent efficiency.

New homes rise from rubbish

University of Leeds, Tue April 03, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Leeds, England, UK - Imagine if you could turn old rubbish into new houses.

Researchers Find Smallest Cellular Genome

University of Arizona, Sat October 14, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Arizona - The smallest collection of genes ever found for a cellular organism comes from tiny symbiotic bacteria that live inside special cells inside a small insect.

Marin County First in Bay Area to Order Plug-In Hybrids

Rainforest Action Network, Sat October 07, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
San Francisco - Plug-In Bay Area, a recently launched initiative aimed at putting Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles on Bay Area roads, today announced that Marin County will be the first Bay Area municipality to place a soft fleet order for 22 of the vehicles.

3-D Brain Atlas To Help Unlock Mysteries Of Neurological Disorders

Science Daily, Sun October 01, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
The Allen Institute for Brain Science has announced the completion of the groundbreaking Allen Brain Atlas, a Web-based, three-dimensional map of gene expression in the mouse brain. Detailing more than 21,000
genes at the cellular level, the Atlas provides scientists with a level of data previously not available.

Scientists stop colon cancer growth in mice by blocking just one enzyme

EurekAlert, Sat September 30, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
In cell culture experiments, scientists from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and the University of Texas at Arlington determined that stopping the activity of a single enzyme called aldose reductase could shut down the toxic network of biochemical signals that promotes inflammation and colon cancer cell growth.

Using contrast enhanced sonography improves diagnosis of liver and spleen injuries

EurekAlert, Fri September 29, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Contrast-enhanced sonography shows liver and spleen injuries better than non-contrast enhanced sonography, according to a study conducted at the University of California, Davis School of Medicine department of radiology in Sacramento, Calif.

Swedish researcher launches unique search engine for the Web

EurekAlert, Fri September 29, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
The Malm�, Sweden, based company Polar Rose will soon be introducing a Web-based search engine that can find photographs of people by analyzing pictures and identifying faces. The search engine� - which will be the first of its kind in the world� - is the result of research carried out by Jan Erik Solem at Technology and Society, Malm� University College. He will publicly defend his thesis on Friday, September 29.

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