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Wildlife press releases

One Solution to Global Overfishing Found

A study by the Wildlife Conservation Society, ARC Centre for Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, and other groups on more than 40 coral reefs in the Indian and Pacific Oceans indicates that 'co-management' -- a collaborative arrangement between local communities, conservation groups, and governments -- provides a solution to a vexing global problem: overfishing.
"We found clear evidence of people's ability to overcome the 'tragedy of the commons' by making and enforcing their own rules for managing fisheries, This is particularly encouraging because of the perceived failure of many open-access and top-down government-controlled attempts to manage fisheries around the world. More importantly, we have identified the conditions that allow people to make co-management successful, providing vital guidance for conservation groups, donors, and governments as to what arrangements are most likely to work."
- team leader Dr Josh Cinner of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies and James Cook University, Australia

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Great news for chimpanzees

Wildlife Conservation Society, Fri February 17, 2012, [PRESS RELEASE]
The Republic of Congo has formally expanded Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park to protect an increasingly rare treasure: one of Africa's most pristine forests and a population of 'naïve' chimpanzees with so little exposure to humans that the curious apes investigate the conservationists who study them rather than run away.

New, Higher Estimates of Endangered Humpback Whales in the North Pacific

NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, Fri October 21, 2011, [PRESS RELEASE]
Scientists have increased the estimate on the number of humpback whales in the North Pacific Ocean in a paper published in the journal Marine Mammal Science. The increase follows a refined statistical analysis of data compiled in 2008 from the largest whale survey ever undertaken to assess humpback whale populations throughout the North Pacific.

Fighting Back from Extinction, New Zealand Right Whale Is Returning Home

Oregon State University, Mon September 19, 2011, [PRESS RELEASE]
After being hunted to local extinction more than a century ago and unable to remember their ancestral calving grounds, the southern right whales of mainland New Zealand are coming home.

Accidental Sea Turtle Deaths Drop 90 Percent in U.S. Fisheries

Duke University, Wed September 14, 2011, [PRESS RELEASE]
The number of sea turtles accidentally caught and killed in fishing gear in United States coastal waters has declined by an estimated 90 percent since 1990, according to a new study by researchers at Duke University Project GloBAL and Conservation International.

Lawsuit forces Canada to protect endangered killer whales

Eco Justice, Tue March 03, 2009, [PRESS RELEASE]
Vancouver, BC - After British Columbians celebrated the unexpected arrival of two newborn killer whales last week, there is another new cause for hope for BCs imperilled killer whale populations. This week, the federal government issued an Order that will provide legal protection for the endangered species habitat - a stunning policy reversal after a lawsuit was launched by environmentalists last year.

Greenpeace response to reports of a reduction in the Japanese government whaling quota

Greenpeace, Thu November 27, 2008, [PRESS RELEASE]
Tokyo, Japan - According to news reports in Japan this morning, there will be a 20% reduction in the number of whales targeted in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary hunt this year - the first reduction since 1987.

Massive Numbers Of Critically Endangered Western Lowland Gorillas Discovered In Republic Of Congo

Wildlife Conservation Society, Mon August 04, 2008, [PRESS RELEASE]
The world's population of critically endangered western lowland gorillas received a huge boost today when the Wildlife Conservation Society released a census showing massive numbers of these secretive great apes alive and well in the Republic of Congo.

‘WorkCabin’ is the latest tool for Canadians seeking employment in the growing green economy

ECO, Tue July 03, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Simcoe, Ontario, Canada - Recently, public interest in climate change has dictated that businesses and organizations change the way they operate, requiring many to adopt better practices and cleaner technology to attract and retain clientele.

International Conservation Organizations Applaud Global Environment Facility’s $1M Proposal

The Nature Conservancy, Fri June 01, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Washington, D.C., USA - Conservation International (CI) and The Nature Conservancy applaud the Global Environment Facility (GEF) proposal to increase funding to help Pacific islands nations cope with climate change and promote sustainable development through conservation and sound natural resource management.

$100K Available Through New Renewable Energy Prize

PNN Online, Sat May 05, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Washington, D.C., USA - The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, one of the nation's leading conservation organizations, and Budweiser, one of the country's leading supporters of outdoor sports and wildlife habitat conservation, have partnered to offer a new $100,000 Renewable Energy and Wildlife Conservation Research Prize.

Kazakhstan “steppes” up protection of endangered antelope

World Wildlife Fund, Tue May 01, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
A new nature reserve in Kazakhstan will protect unique wetlands and rare antelopes living on the country's famous steppes.

Responsible forestry in Panama

World Wildlife Fund, Fri April 27, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Darien, Panama - A milestone in the history of forest conservation has been marked in the dense tropical rainforests of Panama's eastern Darien region.

Crane hatching marks a first for Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Smithsonian, Fri April 20, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Washington, DC - Smithsonian's National Zoo has announced a first in its 118-year history -- the hatching of a rare wattled crane chick.

Turtle poachers apprehended in Malaysia

World Wildlife Fund, Fri April 13, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia - Malaysian authorities seize several Chinese fishing boats off the northern coast of Borneo carrying cargoes of endangered marine turtles.

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