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Press releases from Dem. Rep. of the Congo

Great news for chimpanzees

Wildlife Conservation Society, Fri February 17, 2012 [PRESS RELEASE]
- The Republic of Congo has formally expanded Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park to protect an increasingly rare treasure: one of Africa's most pristine forests and a population of 'naïve' chimpanzees with so little exposure to humans that the curious apes investigate the conservationists who study them rather than run away.

Massive Numbers Of Critically Endangered Western Lowland Gorillas Discovered In Republic Of Congo

Wildlife Conservation Society, Mon August 04, 2008 [PRESS RELEASE]
- The world's population of critically endangered western lowland gorillas received a huge boost today when the Wildlife Conservation Society released a census showing massive numbers of these secretive great apes alive and well in the Republic of Congo.

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