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Press releases from Japan

Greenpeace response to reports of a reduction in the Japanese government whaling quota

Greenpeace, Thu November 27, 2008 [PRESS RELEASE]
Tokyo, Japan - According to news reports in Japan this morning, there will be a 20% reduction in the number of whales targeted in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary hunt this year - the first reduction since 1987.

Honda Develops Bio-Fabric for Use in Automobile Interiors

Honda Motor Co. Ltd, Wed September 06, 2006 [PRESS RELEASE]
Tokyo, Japan - Honda Motor Co., Ltd., announced it has succeeded in developing bio-fabric, a plant-based fabric with excellent durability and resistance to sunlight, for use as a surface material in automobile interiors.

WWF and Sony sign climate saving deal

World Wildlife Fund, Thu July 27, 2006 [PRESS RELEASE]
Tokyo, Japan - Sony will cut CO2 emissions from both operations and its product range as part of a deal struck with WWF.

Tokyo Embraces Renewable Energy

Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Fri April 07, 2006 [PRESS RELEASE]
Tokyo, Japan - Renewable energy has a bright future in Japan's largest city. On Monday, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government issued its Renewable Energy Strategy in an attempt to go beyond the level of pilot projects and increase renewable energy use in the city to 20 percent of all energy supplies by the year 2020.

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